Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Speaking of Witch

When you hear the term “curse” your first thought probably is that of a witch. However, if you think about it every time you say something negative or put someone down you are actually cursing them. We as a society have somewhere gotten that it is normal to call each other names and “talk smack” on a consistent basis. My old flight chief use to say “If I’m picking on you it’s because I care”; and it generally showed that way. Now I’m not saying we can’t joke around with one another. I believe we should be able to joke about differences and not be so uptight. What I am saying is why are we not blessing people more. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all went around complementing each other. Uplift people every chance you get. Encourage those around you. Bless your self by telling your self positive things. Don’t be so hard on others but especially don’t be so hard on yourself. Let yourself know that you CAN DO IT, not that you aren’t sure if you are able. Next interaction you have with someone just think about whether you are cursing or blessing them.

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