Monday, June 1, 2015

Handicapped or Handicapable

Is it just me or is there a coincidence between slow drivers and handicapped drivers. Every time I get behind someone who’s driving poorly, primarily slow, they have a handicap license plate. That got me to thinking. Would the person driving use this as an excuse for how poor they drive. I think many people would say yes.

That brings me to my next thought. The world is handicapped. Everyone has an excuse for everything. This includes parents and grandparents for their children and grandchildren’s misbehaviors. I hear all time that this child or that child is tired or hungry. When in all actuality they are just simply misbehaving. Adults do the same for their own misbehavior.

But on a lighter note, I give big props to those who don’t settle with excuses. I have seen plenty of videos of people more than worthy of the handicap title that refuse to be excused for an inability to live like everyone else. I’ve seen one leg people win marathons. I’ve witnessed one armed people bench press more than some bodybuilders. They are the small percent that choose not to be handicapped but become handicapable.

I am Hlegionaire asking you to Just Think About It.

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